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Personal Development Solo Ads

Since I own a number of internet properties, some with large traffic (11 million page views per month), I figured I could start capturing email addresses of my visitors and customers to those sites and offer to sell Solo Ads to people looking to get eyeballs to their squeeze page.

Interestingly enough, the cost of using a professional emailer/autoresponder becomes quite expensive when you have around 100k members. Enter Amazon SES. This is a great way of sending bulk emails (and by bulk, I do NOT mean spam!), and with software such as you get a great email setup.

Amazon SES starts you off with a 24 hour limit of 10k. However, my limit has continued to grow automatically and is currently sitting at 75,000. I  believe their algorithm factors in criteria such as bounces, spam complaints, volume etc to adjust your capacity.

So…with Amazon SES and I’m all set up to deliver really high quality solo ads in the personal development, self improvement, weight loss and health and beauty niche.

You can check out my services for this here.

If you’re not familiar with solo ads, basically you’re offering to send an ad out on your email list and you guarantee a certain number of clicks to the webpage mentioned in the ad. It is a great way of getting people in your niche to your site. Typically the destination link is a “squeeze page” – a page designed just to capture the persons email address by offering something of value for free, such as a report or video. Typically, you would also use split testing to see which opt-in page performs best. Split testing works great with a Solo ad since you get a constant flow of clicks, you can send 50% to one page, and 50% to another page. I’ve explain more about split testing here and over here too.