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Posted by on Jun 3, 2014 in Development | 0 comments

Get some Appiness with new App Review Service

I’d like to introduce you to my latest invention. I’m actually really happy…err…appy with the way it turned out.


As any app developer knows, developing the app is only half the battle. Actually, I’d say its less than half the battle. The trick today is marketing. The days of “Build it and they will come” are over…the app stores are simply too crowded.

One of the core determinants for your app success is related to downloads and reviews. First, people who are looking to download your app will first look at how many downloads you already received and the reviews you received before making that split second decision whether or not it’s worth their time. Second, we know your placement on the charts is directly influenced by your download velocity and/or reviews received.

And you can’t typically “buy” downloads and reviews. If you’re caught doing this using fake IP’s or “waterarmies” your risk your app being removed from the app store.

And that’s where appiness comes in. is a unique app review service that puts your app in front of real people who will download it, play with it and leave you a review in the app store. And because it’s real people, it is not only safe, it has the added benefit that “friends will tell friends” if they like your app.

Check it out at and see how it can help your next app.

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