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Posted by on Apr 29, 2014 in General | 0 comments

Alexa vs SimilarWeb

Wow, what happened to Alexa? I run a busy forum…around 30k visitors a day with about 10million page views per month. I’ve been tracking the reports on Alexa and a newer entrant (to me at least), SimilarWeb.

I can’t believe how outdated and inaccurate Alexa is. I used to believe Alexa reports because, well, there was nothing else short of seeing the actual analytics. ¬†And I knew Alexa was an approximation only, but I didn’t realize how wildly inaccurate they are. I discovered SimilarWeb and the difference is night and day. In fact, it is scary how accurate SimilarWeb is. If I didn’t know better I’d have thought they’re siphoning of my analytics. They are seriously that accurate.

SimilarWeb has nailed it in terms of my weekly visitors, my bounce rate, my countries of origin. I mean, nailed it. Alexa on the other hand have it so wrong, I started wondering if it was even my site. They don’t even have the visitor countries remotely correct, something I’d have thought is really easy to obtain.

I guess sadly that’s the end of that project…perhaps it was the Amazon acquisition, perhaps they just don’t have the technology (or user base)…but fair play to SimilarWeb, they nailed it.

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