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Posted by on Sep 9, 2013 in Development | 0 comments is born!

I finally submitted my app to Apple for approval. Here’s hoping for a quick approval process. is a crowd decisioning app. Although I haven’t updated the website properly yet, you can see it here at

Some technical information for those who are interested:

1. The backend is utilizing the excellent Parse BaaS

2. The app is built using xcode/objective-C. I am utilizing the Storyboard features extensively. This app has a surprising number of master/detail views (ie. Embedded segues) so I was really forced to get the hang of it.

3. In the interests of efficiency, I denormalized the data structure somewhat. For example, I don’t tabulate the vote count, I instead keep a running total. Maybe not a very pure approach but it minimizes queries besides being faster.

4. The hardest part of the app was controlling the HUD spinning icon ;) This is a rather ugly part of iOS, requiring activities to be run on a background thread so the UI can be updated. I really would have preferred this happen automagically so that I can just call HUD.start and HUD.end without worrying about thread management.

5. No wait, I take number 4 back. The ugliest part of iOS is managing the keyboard and UI TextFields when the keyboard obscures the field. Can’t believe you have to manually take care of this. Ugh.

Stay tuned for app approval!


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