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Posted by on Sep 7, 2013 in Development | 0 comments

Using the BaaS

I recently discovered and must say I’m very impressed.

I am busy developing an iPhone app and was about to write all the server side code in PHP when I decided to look around at some of the BaaS players. I found about 5 that warranted a closer look to the level of actually signing up and trying it out.

I settled on Parse because of all the ones I tried, Parse was the only one that from sign-up to example code execution worked completely flawlessly. I’m sure the others may be good, but given the sign-up process at Parse, it seemed very well thought out. Plus, the documentation is really good.

By using the examples they provide, I was able to get my initial photo upload working in a hour or so. Over the next week I was able to complete most of my app functionality, and it was great knowing the backend was taken care off.

I did find a few idiosyncrasies, especially when doing multi table join queries in that it was difficult to compare keys using an objectID and a String. Fortunately the forum is very active and very helpful. Most of my issues were related to me being a newbie at using NoSql type queries (hard to get away from thinking in SQL) as well as being new at native iOS development.

I now have to integrate push into my app. Parse has Push libraries and should make this a lot easier. Unfortunately I still have to go through the cumbersome Apple deployment process to get this working (no fault of Parse!).

Check out …. definitely very worthwhile. I hope to finish my app and submit for app store approval in the next 2 weeks.


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