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Posted by on Sep 3, 2013 in Architecture | 1 comment

BaaS platforms:,, and

A few weeks I started to play with some of the BaaS platforms out there.

I am toying with creating a iOS app for an idea I had. Some of they key areas of functionality it will need include:

  • Twitter and Facebook Authentication
  • Chat room
  • Sending and Retrieving images to the server
  • Message broadcast

Instead of developing everything, I thought of looking at one the BaaS platforms. What follows is NOT a detailed review. I played with 4 BaaS providers in one evening, so lets be fair to them and not make snap judgements. I’m just relaying my experiences with them when quickly looking at them. There are so many variables…for example, maybe I’m using a different version of xcode than what the sample was built in that it’s hard without deeper debugging to come to grips with the issue.

I first signed up with The feature set looked very promising for what I need. Sign-up was easy but I struggled to get up and running a little. The documentation was not as impressive as some of the others. Although I ran into some roadblocks, I’ll come back to take a more detailed look at this one as the feature set is everything I would need.

I then turned to Clearly a well baked and mature solution, though the documentation did not appear to me to be as friendly as Parse. I will come back and make another post on Kinvey was the final one I looked at…and turned out to be, in my opinion, the best of all of them. The sign-up process was well done, the getting started samples were great and actually worked right out of the box, and the documentation was amazing. Plus of course, the feature set of the platform was exactly what I needed.

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1 Comment

  1. And what about QuickBlox? Did not find info in your post

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