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Posted by on Jul 22, 2013 in Development | 0 comments

Back on Unity3D

I posted earlier about Unity3d here and here. Fast forward and I hate to say I did very little other than evaluating the product and going through some tutorials. Life, as they say, happened.

I still have a desire to develop a game. It’s an idea that’s been brewing in my head for a long time now, so I decided to revisit Unity3d. Of course I forgot most of what I learned before so started ramping up my knowledge again. Coming back to it, I remember now why I was so impressed with Unity in the first place. There is no doubt this product rocks.

It IS a steep learning curve…not from a “difficulty” perspective but from an “overwhelming” perspective. There are so many options and configurations that it’s almost impossible to learn just in a few days.

Perhaps this time I’ll get to stick to the plan of implementing my game. My game idea requires a lot of light reflection so I just haven’t got my mind over the math part of this yet but hopefully Unity will help!

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