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Posted by on Oct 22, 2010 in Development | 1 comment

Unity development environment

From my earlier post, I said I’d report back on my experience with Unity. I didn’t expect to be posting back the next day. However, I’m just that impressed with this product.

Sure, the graphics capabilities are amazing, and thats the core of the product. That will be a discussion for a later post. What I wanted to talk about now is the paradigm the Unity folk have used for actual development. I think this development methodology should extend beyond a games/graphics engine. I’d love a RAD environment that follows the Unity methodology where I can create regular applications.

First, I get the “live” view of the product I’m developing. I work on my scene window on the top, and see my results instantly when I hit Play. So much better than deploying the EAR to my app server.

Then there is the most impressive part of all…code by code snippets. I just love how I can use various code forms (Javascript, C# etc) and focus on just the snippet I need. And then, the best part of it, drag my code snippet onto the control I want to attach it to. I think the big J2EE development environments need to take a page out of Unity’s book.

These guys got that part right, thats for sure. Now, I need to go figure out exactly what this quanterion is and how to use it. Wish all programming was this much fun.

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1 Comment

  1. Like fashion, it appears that IT is chasing its tail. Are we rediscovering RAD?

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